Dancing Around the Subject
Dancing Around the Subject short story stories

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It is a maid's job to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. 300 words<
tw for mild suggestions of domestic abuse

Dancing Around the Subject

He was sitting quietly, clutching a teddy bear in his two grubby hands. Somewhere in the house another child was crying. A frazzled woman walked into the room.

I immediately noticed a knit in her brow. It was a tight little anger mark but it seemed to scream a word I’m not allowed to repeat.

“So,” she begins, sitting down and pulling the little boy into her lap. “First I need the kitchen cleaned up. Raising two is a difficult process and the dishes have really gotten away on me.”

I nod.

“And the living room needs to be done next. My husband will be home in a few hours.”

There. I see it now. The knit tightened at ‘husband.’ It’s another one of those families.

“I’ll get to work right away, miss.”

I worked for them for a few months after that first meeting. The children were sweet. The wife was distant and quiet. I never saw the husband, thank god.

The way she talked about her husband was controlled, too controlled for a loving couple.

I was a maid for fifteen years and I assure you, women talking about their husbands in a controlled manner gave away the only control they had in their relationships.

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