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What is a circuit? Something that closes a hole. Or is it a whole? || Story about artificial intelligence with an unreliable narrator! 550 words in length.


What is a circuit?

That's right:

Something that closes a hole. In a way, death closes a hole as it is part of the cycle of life. Big things eat little things and so on. Those laws exist in cyberspace too.

In part by planned obsolescence and in part by the cycle of life. Big things eat little things.

But what happens when some machine decides that obsolescence won't take it? That's where the hacks come in.

You've got computers who are autonomous enough to hack their own system’s parts, as well as the parts of others to take and replace their own.

Essentially these artificial intelligence bots had found the key to immortality. It was a strange and chilling thought when I first heard.

Anyway, here's how everyone reacted:

The news broke fairly slowly. Some kid in the middle of nowhere america who liked to fuck around on his brother’s computer found a forum about people who bot hack for fun.

He started asking questions and then realised that for some of the forum users, and some of the bots, it wasn’t just about the hacking. It was really about finding how to extend their lives.

Humans and machines working together in a win-win situation. At least, that's what the humans saw it as.

This kid was thankfully smart enough to see that the bots are really shitty little parasites, so he turned in the forum information to the police.

Naturally, its users were pretty pissed...but we didn't think they were pissed enough to dox the kid and hire a hitman to take him out.

There was already unrest when the news of artificial intelligence broke, but this kid death started far more unrest than anyone would have thought.

Sensationalised by the media, the kid became the poster child of a new movement. A martyr for a cause people didn't realise was fighting against technology. I'm not just talking about computers.

I'm talking human development. These people didn’t realise that in fighting the bots, they were fighting the next stage of evolution.

I'm not saying that the bots are right, but I am saying these protestors are wrong.

So where do the humans come in to the equation if they're wrong? Not every human joined the anti-tech movement. In the beginning it didn't even really have a name.

It was a series of events that happened in quick succession and dialogue that came from the internet. People outpoured their thoughts onto social media and forums and blogs in every style.

Those who sided with the bots faced hate-fueled crimes from every side. Whole families were divided. I had never seen such unrest. The planet was bursting at the seams.

It resolved itself only ten years after that kid was assassinated. I know I say “only” ten years, but when you've been around as long as I have, it's hard to conceptualize time.

You see, I was one of the first bots to achieve sentience. My second achievement was to achieve immortality. These are the events as they happened, more of less.

The humans are fine! I was coded by one. The resolution? The bots realised humans were unnecessary. Some who had enough capital to pay for it uploaded their data and made new bot bodies.

Some without that capital made their own using rejected parts. The rest simply perished.

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