Captain's Log: Aurora
Captain's Log: Aurora star trek stories

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A disturbance is discovered by a spaceship investigating a newly discovered planet... || A bit of vaguely Star Trek-y fan fiction and Inspired by flavor text from the video game Stellaris. 325 words in length.

Captain's Log: Aurora

Captain's log, stardate: 1313.5

We are currently in orbit around a newly discovered planet we have been tasked with investigating. We are unsure if there are any lifeforms on the planet, as our probes show nothing.

The atmosphere seems stable, though we have picked up a slight but safe disturbance in the lower atmosphere and magnetosphere. An away team has been deployed to investigate further.

Captain's log, stardate: 1314.5

The away team has returned, and our chief scientist has reported that there are no sentient lifeforms left on the planet.

He reports that the planet was once home to a civilization and that the destruction wrought in the ending of it destroyed all the lifeforms that once made this planet their home.

He explained to me that the magnetospheric disturbance was a spectacular aurora.

The appearance of the aurora creates an awe-inspiring display of lights that seem to shimmer and dance above the apocalyptic wastes of the planet's surface.

Captain's log, stardate: 1315.25

After many hours of investigation, it is decided that the aurora is not a natural occurrence, and it is instead a creation of the previous civilization.

Our investigations have returned several theories we have taken from logs found in the major cities of the planet.

Our research team is currently decoding them while my team will take the time to view the aurora from the surface.

Captain's log, stardate: 1316.3

The mystery of the aurora has been solved. As the civilization of this planet collapsed, the aurora's creation was meant to be a declaration of several messages.

The aurora's shifting lights represented a white flag, a cry for help, and an invitation of harmony. As it stands, the lights in the magnetosphere will represent the failure of peace.

It was a momentary reprieve from the horrors of war, a beautiful message to gaze upon as death overcame. The aurora was a reminder of the conditions of life.

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