Aticus The Psychotic
Aticus The Psychotic poem stories

charliesheldon philosopher & pervayor of weird cat pics
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Short poem written from the brain, not the heart...although I suppose they're similar. It's a departure from my usual style but I hope you all enjoy and understand!

Aticus The Psychotic

And I realized with eyes open

As my gums itched and bled

As my rounds turned rectangular

Turned cellphone shaped

The bugs that crawled upon me

The itch that peeled the wallpaper of my mouth

It wasn't real

It was reality adjacent

It was before the end of now and the start of soon

Concrete in its here-ness

Casually transcendental

Continuously disproved

Used once to make a little girl look crazy

Used by doctors as a slap on the wrist

Used up by the lighting of gas (sparks, flames)

Something to be ashamed of

Something to be afraid of

Something to call oneself: Aticus the Psychotic

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