the Things i dread

the Things i dread  dark stories

charliefish i made myself laugh, by fake laughing
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"We molded together perfectly, Like we were clay in an artist's hands"
i wrote this a long time ago and just recently found it again. thought i would share.

the Things i dread

We molded together perfectly

Like we were clay in an artist's hands

And I'd give anything to tell you

That you could be my perfect man

But I'm aware under all this love

Lays something you might not understand

A pale touch of a different dove

And I'm not right for your wedding band

I know that you believe in me

But please believe me when I stand

Before the crowd and tell the truth

That I'm in need of a different brand

It dosent have to do with you

Or who you are or what you've banned

I so want you to be the one

But love you arent my right now man.

I know I dragged it on and on

I'm sorry for some things I said

But i Am glad that you were the one

To cut off the demons lovely head

But please forgive me for what I did

I swore I'd follow all the paths you'd tread

But I guess I'm not made for you

Although right now I'd rather be dead

Than watching you turn away from me

And leave behind the things we said

Maybe someday in the future

You will be with whom I bed

But right now I'll admit, my love,

My heart is filling up with lead

And I dont think that anyone

Can lift away the things i dread

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