i told him
i told him depressed stories

charliefish i made myself laugh, by fake laughing
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"I told him i like him. I know that i shouldn't."

i told him

I told him i like him.

I know that i shouldn't.

His girlfriend doesn't know.

Now he knows that i like him,

I still know i shouldn't,

But i act like i'm lost in the snow.

"I'm sorry, forgive me"

Then i do it again,

Honestly what kind of real friend...?

I guess its a little predictable,

My boyfriend is absent and missable.

I've only one friend who will listen to me,

That's a big leap for my misery.

But there's no excuse to behave like this,

I know that but its something i cant dismiss,

My best friends the closest i ever came,

To having a friend by another name.

But i told him i like him,

Now i know that i shouldn't,

And his girlfriend still doesn't know.

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