5 Things I Learned Building Toastmasters
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Key things I learned and can apply to my first startup

5 Things I Learned Building Toastmasters

1.) Recruit the right team

Right people means, someone who believes in the mission, are self-directed, self-learners, open to give and receive honest feedback, and someone who you are comfortable giving responsibility.

2.) Share the mission with your team constantly

Having the shared mission will allow them to focus and what matters the most.

3.) Set the destination, the team will figure out the path

Because the people I want and will work with does not need to be given orders but only a destination. They love to figure out how to get to the destination.

4.) Share the success, shoulder the blame

You’ll never see a truly successful leader standing in front of a crowd saying he or she did it alone. We all recognize the importance of having the right team members in place to be successful.

5.) Be open, honest, transparent, and give room for errors

You have to set the tone for others to follow, people will choose to follow you if your character is respectable.

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