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chaoticteensa confused teenager in a big, big world
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I'm so confused about this boy I'm dating. Please leave advice in the comments.


by chaoticteens

the past few days i've felt so empty

absolutely nothing makes me feel anything.

i type a few words...then i quickly erase them

your name pops up. my heart flutters.

you live in the fast lane; partying, having fun

I sit at home in the dark, crying, because I am too sad to get out of bed

you say you love me, but how can you love the demons in me?

some days are easier than others. i feel happy. i feel love and excitement and everything seems normal.

i often forget that we're from two different worlds

you have tons of friends and a family that loves you i only have my best friend and myself

you say that you love me, but you don't show it

you take hours to reply to my texts and messages, but I know that you're constantly on your phone

you send me hearts and you hit me up when you want...

but what about what I want? what about when I need you to be there for me?

i know i've fallen hard for you

and at first it seemed like you really were interested in me. now i'm confused because it seems like you don't care about me at all

i always try to make time to see you

but it seems like you never want to see me. why? why why why why WHY WHY WHY?

I have so many unanswered questions for you

i feel so jealous of the girls you make time for, although you call me your girlfriend. i don't know what to believe.

i hate that i feel so confused and unsure of us

what do I do?

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