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Chanwoo tells everyone about his struggles to become a part of IKON.

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Layfu Dal Staro

I joined a contest. To be with a group of great artists. Even though I have a job. I'd like more of it than to stay in a dream.

It's not so easy. I am limited to them. Many did not agree with my participation. They tell me to leave because I'm not supposed to be part of it.

An upset was coming right from their face. Their favorites were removed from the list. I was blamed and said I did not have any talent. I did my best but they were not convinced.

So I practiced alone afterward for hours. Stirring myself with lyrical and music roles. Excellence in singing and dancing. That's my goal. But they just do not want to see me on the stage.

I'm crazy, they say. Why am I here? Have I worked hard? Do I have to change? In becoming an idol, I know I have many things to obey. If I'm hurt, I need to be strong. For my fans and my newcomers.

Finally, I was part of this group. I also met my dream. I still did not leave my old job. Also helped me join here. I have brought a piece of paper which I wrote to read the message for all of you. With your comments and reviews about my participation, it has been a stepping stone for me.

Of course, I'm angry with the haters. But they also helped me to further my performance. You gave me the reason. You gave me life. You're our music. If not for you, I'm not here anymore. Thank you for your participation. You are my stage. I will learn more about you.

Do you see a star outside this night? It shines throughout the world. Like us. You look at us. We came to light your life. Through our performance. We admit that we are not as good as others but they can help us with this industry. You will also reach the dream of any of your wishes without any hindrance.

When you reach it. Just like being a star, we're going to stumble first before we shine. There are many tests and they also go away to move on to others. We will not give up. Competition is always there. That is our daily life. Misfortune comes, a good luck follows. And that's my message to all of you. Saranghae.

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