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After Chanwoo the youngest member of IKON have decided to leave the group. His parents and his loved ones want him to burn all the mementos. Even now as a former, he still into their music. With his current situation to deal with this every day following by his team's disbandment, he writes a song on how to cope with wanting to be with them.

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Here I am, with a big box. Full of memories and happiness with you. I was facing a blazing fire from the barrel. I may be able to throw them all out.

I said I was out of my own. They do not want me to get close to you. Wasted, broken, and forgotten. I'm taken away from my happy world.

I'm crying while looking at the pictures. I'm scared to reach it in the end. Will I break it? Or take it so that it does not get away with me? Why this leads to chaos? Can I still fix it?

I individually removed them from the box And at the last time, I saw them, set them aside Concerned, and worried. Might regret it. Even though I know they're gone.

I was told to stop this. You're no longer with them as famous celebrities. That's their complaint to my expectation. Maybe they are right but they're definitely incorrect.

When I do leave you. When your music is gone. The destiny will still change And come back to get up.

I did not continue burning them. I killed the fire and left the sadness. I miss you. I do not want to be alone. I love you all, so much.

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