Died Eat So Anid Telpo
Died Eat So Anid Telpo eatingdisorder stories

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Chanwoo decides to lose and lose more weight until...

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Died Eat So Anid Telpo

How can I be handsome like them? Do I need to reduce my weight? You will surely love my work. I eat only once a day.

You are so angry with me. Advised to eat plenty. I understand you. You want me to be healthy.

Am I just jealous of others? Are the number of audiences growing because of their irresistible visuals? Sacrifice is the only solution To fulfill your will.

Purely practicing every day. No rest, lack of sleep and no appetite. You are wondering about my work. Here is my responsibility.

My body once gave up While I was struggling to raise myself. In stepping on a weighing scale, I was disappointed.

I still lose weight for you Until I give up the premises. I'm here in the hospital, a variety of treatments came. Thought that was the last thing for me.

They brought me here Reproached, Loved and did not go away from watching me. Happy to be sad. I did not do what you wanted. Feel hungry. Looking for any good meal in my stomach.

I said to myself. I can not do anything else to be sexy. Looked at the mirror. Grew fat. Just did my work with good exercise and proper diet. Here I am in front of you healthy and enthusiastic.

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