That thrilling night...
That thrilling night... sleepless night stories

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i couldn't sleep that night...
suddenly something strange appeared.....

That thrilling night...

I couldn't sleep that night I was tumbling back and forth on the bed My parents were sleeping in the room next to mine

It's really boringgg... I can't take this anymore what if someone comes flying and take me with him Aww.... It would be super exciting

Heyy... fool stop thinking all that nonsense Those things will never happen My brain yelled huhhhh...... I sighed

I closed my eyes tightly and tried hard to sleep but I couldn't

when I opened my eyes something strange appeared in front of my eyes omg... I was scared to death My heart skipped a beat

there's a red carpet flying in the air

I took a deep breath Am I dreaming?? I pinched myself and confirmed whether it was for real or not it was real

suddenly a man appeared he looked like a genie

Hello...beautyyyy come on.. get on the carpet let's have some fun he said

Are you genie?? I asked genie? who's genie? I am jerry... I'm gonna accompany you this night he said

will you grant my wishes? I asked huh... not really but I can take you wherever you want he said

I was excited and I got on the carpet... okay.. let's fly.... he shouted

it was super thrilling to fly in the sky... the view from the top is very beautiful... my soul is floating with the gentle breeze cuddling me one can feel the incredibility of the earth only when they fly

I could see many stores, amusement parks that were shut down because of lockdown

jerry... I want to ride the carousel I asked okay.. your highness granted

I always love carousel ride it was super fun again I got onto the carpet

when the carpet is penetrating through the clouds I shouted with joy woohoo......

where would you like to go next? asked jerry let's go to my crush's house I said

I'm very desirous to see how charming this beauty's crush is gonna be said jerry we sneaked into my crush's room

he was in a deep sleep I sat beside him watching he's so cute as a little puppy it was my first time to watch him this closer

Hmm.... he's quite handsome... you have great taste dear... said jerry of course, I do have... I said with an expression of pride on my face

okay jerry.. let's move from here I said again we started flying

I saw a boy standing on the edge of a building what is he doing there at this hour? suddenly he jumped from the building jerry... let's save him I shouted

okay.. let's go we flew towards him jerry dragged him onto the carpet that boy looked so depressed hey.. young boy you look so pale why are you trying to end up your life... asked jerry

why did you save me he cried what happened young boy... my mom hit me for scoring zero in my exam

Ohh.. poor boy I'll take you to a place you'll certainly love it...

we went on a Ferris wheel ride look, young boy... life is like a Ferris wheel what goes around, comes around surely... failure is just a part of the success you shouldn't end your life for such trivial things... said jerry

thank you jerry... I'll never do this kind of things you taught me what life is... you'll be remembered forever bye...

we dropped him at his place and we headed to my home its time to say goodbye to jerry

jerry..!! I really had a great time with you thanks for all these memories I said

even I had a great time with you, gorgeous... I'll be there whenever you need me just call me once... I'll appear farewell...

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