CHAPTER TWO | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams
CHAPTER TWO | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams suspense stories

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Chapter -2 The Quest Begins

CHAPTER TWO | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams

Chapter -2

The Quest Begins

Elana woke up. Elijah was sitting on a bed wearing a tunic. It was red and golden laced. He wore a golden ring on his forehead. On the ring was a blue stone.

"Sis, Hey! These guys are not bad!" Elijah said, looking at Elana.

The queen stood up and said "Kailana and Karaathi, go look if the woman woke up!"

Suddenly grunting sounds were heard. "Haiyaaaaa..." It was like someone was fighting.

The queen opened the tent flap and saw a couple of armed men on the ground twitching like they were going to die. Mrs. Valley was standing there panting in a kick position.

She raced to hit the queen, but the queen moved sideways and touched her shoulder and said "STOP..."

But Mrs. Valley again tried to hit her. This time the queen dodged and pushed her away. The queen pulled a tiny bottle from her belt, which was embraided with golden drawings.

She took some liquid from the bottle and sprinkled it on Mrs. Valley's face. Mrs. Valley started feeling drowsy and fell onto the bed nearby.

When she woke, she saw Elijah staring at her. He looked unimpressed and said, "Mom, listen to them... They are trying to say something. They would not explain the matter to me or Elana...

only to you."

The queen said a second later, "Your son said that he's a friend of Ruthe Rose, Is this true?"

"Yes, why do you ask?" Mrs. Valley enquired.

The queen sighed, "if the stories are to be believed...she has not only harmed us, but she is a murderer too."

"You people are mistaken... accusing the wrong person.. Ruthe will never do this." Elana mumbled.

The queen glared at Kailana and Karaathi. They quietly went out of the tent.

"Look... Ruthe Edwards is a murderer [sighs] only Romi can explain it to you." the Queen said, sitting on her chair, frustrated, holding her forehead.

The tent flap opened. A woman walked in and sat on the bed. She had fair skin, red hair and green eyes. She wore a shirt and a pair of jeans.

The queen stood up and picked up the red robe and handed it over to this woman. The woman wore it as if wearing a suit. She looked like she was wearing a long jacket which reached till her foot.

She whispered to the queen and smiled.

"Iam Romi, adopted sister of Arian Acki, the queen you just met. I am going to explain the whole story. A couple of years ago, my father disappeared one night. He went missing for two months.

I lived in New Orleans. I was shocked and scared and went crazy from the shock. I decided to search for him myself.

I searched in the internet and found some interesting news after a week - a leader of a tribe in Sahara and my father were the same person! I was young and foolish enough to go after him.

I lived with my aunt Margie and escaped one night from home. When I reached this new tribe, they told me that he died in an accident. He was trying to free some prisoners from Kartha.

I wanted to cry but I was angry too. It turns out that one of his own men killed him after he freed the prisoners.

But the villagers explained to me that he had missed me so much that he adopted a girl who was little older than me, who had my same tastes and personality.

I was happy that I atleast had someone to love in my life. I had spent half my life trying to find who bribed the men that my father led.

It was Ruthe, who was trying to get hold of Kartha secretly. Now she's come to snatch Myntar. I stayed and helped my sister lead our tribe.

I got to know that you two have helped many people to justice."

"It was me actually... my sister is just my assistant. I am the brain of our missions. Duh!" Elijah bragged, imagining himself as the hero.

"Well, I don't care. You two have to help us or should I say 'three'." Romi said.

"...and I am in" Mrs. Valley said jumping with a start.

"Me too!!!" Elijah jumped trying to imitate his mother and fell on the floor. Everyone laughed.

Romi helped Elijah up, still trying to control her laughter. Elijah folded his hands and scrunched his face. He looked at Elana. Soon everyone was staring at her.

After a few seconds Romi asked her, "so...???"

Elana closed her eyes and bowed her head. Everyone was frowning in seconds. Elijah was shocked. She had never refused help to anyone, nor does she give up so easily.

Suddenly she clapped her hands and jumped up with delight. She shouted, "What made you think that I would not help? !Yeehaw!" be continued

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