CHAPTER FIVE | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams
CHAPTER FIVE | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams suspense stories

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Chapter - 5 The True Heir

CHAPTER FIVE | Adventures Of The Sleuths Extraordinaire – Dunes Of Dreams

Chapter - 5

The True Heir

"Children, come on in!" Otis called them as he pushed open a door. Elana and Elijah climbed down the hole carefully to reach the floor, behind him. That was a long journey down.

In the room, there was a bed, swords, spears and crossbows were hanging on the wall. A picture was hung on the wall, it showed a girl about Romi's age. She had pitch-black hair and black eyes.

It was so realistic that Elijah felt the dark, beady eyes boring into him.

"That was my sister." Otis mumbled. "Was??" Elana asked and glared at Otis. "She...she ran away when I said I was removed from the queen's service. She was my favorite but still..." he whispered.

"She did not want to be a burden on you because you had no one! She must have loved you so much. She did not want you to be miserable!" Elana said to comfort him.

"Why did you bring us here?" Elijah asked. Otis started laughing mockingly, "You did not know?" Now Elijah was getting annoyed and frustrated.

Then a thought rushed through his mind and Elijah's eyes widened in excitement. "Is the Emorols here?" he stuttered "Ah...

clever boy!" Otis grabbed him by his arm and brought them to another room. He pointed at a golden egg and said with a mysterious smile "Well, let's open it.

" Elana jumped to open it but was stopped by Otis "No wait, only the true heir of the founding fathers can! Did I tell you that my grandfather was one of the founding fathers...

hmm?" Otis explained and smiled.

"Then, open it, Otis" Elana shouted impatiently. "Well, I am not the heir, my sister is. She has the mark, her slipped dot!" Otis grunted and patted Elijah.

"Oh No!" cried the two children with great disappointment.

"Oh yes indeed! My sister is ..." Then he stopped as if he told something he should not have and looked at the young ones.

Suddenly a metal clang. They all were startled. "Let me see!" They all said at once. The three peered out of the room and saw the queen and some armed men. "Elana... Elijah...

come to me, my dear ones." She called out laughingly. But she was not the queen they knew. She was wearing a long black robe; her hair was messy and she had a sword in her hand.

"Come kids!!! Your mommy is crying there." The children gasped, "Mom!"

The queen gestured something to a soldier. He found the kids somehow and dragged them and Otis in no time. But they realized something was not right. The Emorols was gone.

"Now! Where is my Emorols? Where is it... tell me" the queen shouted.

"I... I don't know." Screamed Elijah and smiled mysteriously to Elana. be continued

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