They breath, He thinks
They breath, He thinks myself stories

ceruleanblue War gives birth to toys we can't stop.
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But If I stopped thinking, wouldn't that change my being?
| Author's Note |: This story is of someone whose thougths were invading his life, not permitting him to live like others (he was thinking while breathing, walking etc). He first enjoyed thinking, then it became obsessive, leading him to his own death.

They breath, He thinks

He didn't just breathe.

Unlike others

Unlike others his mind would think every second,

while he was breathing,

while he was breathing, walking,

while he was breathing, walking, or sleeping,

sometimes like a parasyte, sometimes like a blessing.

He didn't know how to control it.

They told him to stop,

They told him to stop, but he couldn't,

when one day his mind fell insane,

so he forgot to breathe,

and he never thought again.

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