For you

ceruleanwhat are feelings anyway?
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for you, my friend, dear fabulist

For you

by cerulean

for you, my dear friend,

who rived me and my trust.

a letter crafted from words, i left unsaid

and all secrets i kept sheltered

but not more than you

your lies were fanthomless, fluent and deliberate.

too bad, i knew the truth all along.

i watched you lie, everytime, agonized and hurt.

but you seemed to do it effortlessly, without regret

tell me, was i not worth knowing the truth,

or perhaps not good enough to be your friend?

i'm still waiting, for you. for your truth.

but it seems hopeless and stupid.

i can't wait longer and i'm letting go.

for you, this letter, is my farewell and my goodbye.


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