The young Sailor has drowned....
The young Sailor has drowned.... sailor stories

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The sailor is at the mercy of the Sea.

The young Sailor has drowned....

Remember me,

For now it is too late,

When you weren`t looking

I grabbed a boat and sailed

Far across the blue-blue seas

That I once called home

I only pray that the swallow

Has given you this letter.

My dear,

A promise to return one day

I give to you,

But for now,

I bid thee, Adieu.

Read this letter, now,

For you are safe and sound.

Remember me,

For now it is too late,

You couldn`t have stopped me

From going away

On my own

For the sea called me,

And asked to be with her,


And so now,

while you are reading this letter

I am no more.

Read the poem

that the messenger has sent

And know,

that I`m no longer a part of this land.

My love

Remember me

And I`ll remember you,


Throw that fragile red rose,

That you now hold,

Into the sea,

And my hand will spring up,

And catch it...


For I have returned to the sea,

Forevermore *A siren sings, in the distance*

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