The Young Man And The Moon


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Something that I made long ago, but edited it a bit now :)

The Young Man And The Moon

The orb of the night floated calmly in the navy blue, twinkling sky,watching as the sailor rowed by. She was curious and so began to sing to the man in a soft, angelic voice;

Moon; "young man where are you going, young man, don't you have a home? Gentleman, gentle sailor wandering all alone in the sea, young one go back to your own"

Young man; "Oh moon, oh my lady, don't you see? The sea and I are engaged! I've travelled far to be with her, humans cannot comprehend! Oh moon, oh my lady, can't you see?

The sea is where I belong, the stars are my friends, and you're like a mother, oh moon I don't want to leave, this is my home, I am not one of them!"

The moon bluntly said; "Oh young man, you are neither a star nor a fish! Oh, young man, the sea is not for you to be with! Why you think that the uncommitted sea has returned your love I will never know, but young man, now you must go home with your own"

Young man: "I`ve sailed far away, to be with you, and the ocean, I`ve sailed from country to country, I sailed and I sailed! And now you tell me to go, say it isn't so! Why oh why, my light, don't leave me behind, please I beg, don`t leave me blind, and in a plight!"

The stars: "Young one, sail to shore Young one this is not where you belong Sailor, oh sailor, leave and go back with your own. May the swallow appear and welcome you back home. Young one, Young one, go on dry land Surely a human woman would be best!

Contrary to your notion the sea does not desire to wear a gown. Sail with the tide, and go home, Tattoo a swallow on your arm, Etch it on your bones!"

Young man: "In the end, I have failed, everybody including myself. I let the sea down, or not- I listened to the moon."

Sailor, Go back to your own, Sailor, Now you`re finally, HOME. Sailor, tattoo the bird on your arm Sailor, Etch it on your bones.

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