Tears of War

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I added an extract from and earlier poem into this one. Seemed fitting.

Tears of War

Tears of Mars,

Shed upon the Earth

When War prevails over sense

And sense weakens in the minds and hearts of men;

And extract from a letter was etched upon the Earth.

The embodiment of war, was frustrated,

His tears heard loud and clear,

Yet nobody would hear,

For they had all but forgotten the teachings of the past.

“Mars growls in frustration,

As war rages on

War was supposed to be for justice and to set the record straight,

And not for sheer bloodlust and hate

Those two words that seal everybody`s fate.

Humans never learned, and so the earth continued to be stained, even when there was nothing to gain.

Mars stayed on Earth.

Into a wolf`s body, he transformed,

On his haunches he lay,

Awake all night and day

And so until this day, he constantly hears rifles and guns fire away”

“Fight for honour, fight for the truth,

Not for senseless bloodshed,

That makes no sense.”

"Wars are a constant in the minds of men,

Forever and ever

Battles and war

Shall never cease,

Shall never end,

For even in the minds of individuals,

There are battles,

There are wars,


And raging,




Never ending....



So many battles,

So many different types,

If we cannot stop wars within ourselves,

How can we ever hope to end the ones that are raging right in front of us

Nobody can be certain of the outcome of war

Not even War himself”

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