Planetary Talk Part 1.
Planetary Talk Part 1.  planets stories

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There are 3 planets in this one, The others are shorter :)

Another one of my planet works :P I have to do a part 2 or even 3 of this, for it is 3,000+ words long, heh.
Not sure if this goes into poetry, or fiction tbh

Planetary Talk Part 1.


I will only set you free,

When need you to be,

I will only unlock those shackles and chains, when it is time to eave this world behind,

When your wings need to grow!

I am a bird of song,

I am freedom,

I run as fast as my legs can carry me,

But I will always return home.

I will always return home,

I am the god of travel,

But home is home,

And so to my roots,

I Shall always go back,

Neither Earth nor hell,

Stop me from losing track

I`ll always know the way,

To my heaven`s gates

Like a bird I will fly,

If I`m shackled,

I will crawl,

Till my wings

Bleed and turn sore

I am a thief in the night,

Flying high.

The only things

I will ever steal,

Are the shackles

and chains,

That bind your sore feet and arms.

Like my ancestor I will say;

Let originality and freedom,

Come and play,

And mundane things come another day!

But of course,

For those of true wrong,

I won`t be hesitant to steal their song,

And once more bind them to,

Something that I myself abhor,

For I am the god of thieves after all!

Humanity is too much of an interesting thing,

To let go to waste.

And so I must make haste, so they don't go to waste!

Let humanity`s muses be free,

Let the birds around me, sing their song!

Let them be,

let them be,

For without them,

You`ll be no more.

Let the poets write,

Let the musicians compose,

I wish for time to be always on your side

But even I know that such a thing is not possible,

For a dangerous thing he is!

Time is mercurial, but I dare say that he is not I!

He has a chronological list of where to go,

And so you must be light on your feet!

Be like a skylark

Be joyful and free,

And when the time comes,

Spread your wings

And fly with me!

Never fear that you will miss my call,

For I shall sing your name,

For all to hear!

I may control freedom to a point

But I do not control death

And so my uncle will come,

When our time together,

Eventually comes to an end, And becomes all said and done! A sad lullaby this has been, Now let me play the final tune-

I will only set you free,

When need you to be,

I will only take your shackles and chains when it is time to go!

When your wings need to grow!


Let love shine,

Let love grow.

Never mind,

What I`ve done,

You`ve heard my story a thousand times!

Never mind,

Who I am,

My son has shown,

That love is blind!

Never mind,

If there is a dove in my heart

And a crow in yours,

If we come together,

There is nothing that we can`t face

So let us face the world,

With darkness and light.

I may be vanity, incarnated,

I may not be the most loyal of forces,

For unfortunately I may be too confused at times,

Too perplexed by everything around me,

Too perplexed by what I myself am.

Unlike my son,

I am not always sure,

Of my own being,

Of my own power.

Once upon a time,

By the words of books,

By the works of prose and poetry that you set your eyes on;

You saw,

That I let hate

Dance around in my heart,

I let the embodiment of hate clasp his hands upon my heart.

He destroyed the fire, of another flame,

He destroyed my god of fire, he destroyed his soul;

Yet by doing that,

I stopped hate`s reign(Ironic isn`t it?)

And with hate by my side,

Love and purity reigned across the Earth

It reigned across the nations,

For harmony was born,

Out of Love and hate`s union!

The ring on my finger,

For the god of fire, was not true. My love- was for another god-

Yet from that something good happened;

I had changed the colours,

I changed the hue,

Of hate`s heart-

Made him sleep for a while,

So humanity could have peace,

If only for a while.

To my true love`s heart

I once gave

Sweet and sound slumber so he could have,

A dream of flowers, that he once cared for,

A dream of leaves and trees, that he once helped nourish and grow.

I shall only awaken him when man is certain,

And that is why he has been wakening each and every second of the night.....

In a fit of both nightmares, and merry dreams,

Of war, rage, and battle,

Of prophecies and of blood.

My truest love that reigns in the sky once told me

That he was never as hateful as he seemed to be,

He was never as others than myself, than our own people

Made him out to be!

He once said in his drowsy sleep;

"My sword has not been always stained with blood, It was once a staff made with the purest of honey, and rosed aligned,

Don`t be fooled by war`s call,

For it is not my own,

I do not call what is not meant to be resurrected just yet!"

Let love shine,

Let love grow.

Never mind,

What I`ve done,

You`ve heard my story a thousand times

Yet my true heart you`ve never seen,

For love`s actions,

Are not always pure,

And so you make me out to be,

The beast and that I am not!

Let love shine,

Let love grow.

Never mind,

What I`ve done,

You`ve heard my story a thousand times!


Set me free,

The time has come,

For you to set me free,

Let me go once more,

Don`t destroy what is left of my core!

For too long I have been trapped under your hands.

Set me free.

I have protected,

And I have always served,

Being a primordial deity

But still bowing to man`s wishes.

I have become what they needed me to be,

And now they have completely debased me and corrupted me.

I am breaking,

I am shaking,

I am distraught,

I am full of rot!

They have polluted me with smoke,

They have polluted me to no end,

When will this stop,

Only when mankind ends?

Unlike war,

I will not only protect you when the time is right,


I shall always be there,

To be the shield that is around thee,

But even I may falter,

So please,

Break the chains that you have put around me,

Stop demolishing my creations,

For a new restaurant or a new hotel,

Give me the only reward that I could only ask for-

Dont take what is left of me!

One day I shall rule again,

And you shall have no place to go-

For I know deep in my heart,

That I shall turn vengeful,

As Saturn turns his hands


Never to be frozen,

Never to be yielded.

Set me free,

The time has come,

For you to set me free,

Let me go once more,

Don`t destroy what is left of my core....please....

Just let me go!

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