How I`ll live, How I`ll leave
How I`ll live, How I`ll leave  planets stories

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I like mythology and the planets way too much. You`ll be seeing more of these in the future, because I really enjoy writing about their different attributes and aspects.

How I`ll live, How I`ll leave

If I wither away under the sun, in chains and shackles would you set me free?

If I die by love`s trifles would you take my hand and console?

If I’m buried underneath you, will you sing me a song to sleep? Sing the song of the beginning for me, a tune so pure that only one such as you would know.

If I become a soldier, will you fight for me, protect me? Will you give me the courage to go on, even when all seems hopeless?

If I`m the head of all, will you guide me on my way, to another place, where I can begin anew again?

If the ones I cherish should die by the withered cold hands of time, will you take my hand in your icy palms and tell me not to cry?

If I want to change, will you help me on my way; will you set a new path for me to walk on?

If the ocean-blue drowns me in emotion and pain, will you stop the tides? will you stop the tides that bite? Stop these waters from drowning me!

If I`m a wealthy man, will you still come for me at last? Will you still turn my weeping body to ashes? Will you take my hand in yours, and lead me away to the place that I`ll rest in forevermore? Heaven or Hell, none can say.

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