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cerrinyx Dark fantasy is my favourite <3
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The origin of most fairy tales are dark, so yes be warned, this may ruin your view on fairy tales, but other than that, I do hope you enjoy this poem :)

It is kind of abstract the meaning of it, is up to you guys. Tell me what you think!

Also I haven`t read many of the old ones, so this is
a bit of my assumption of what they contained.

Fairy tale

Is it a fairy tale, that you want?

Is that truly what you want?

Oh, dear child,

It seems that you never were told,

That all of those fairytales,

Were once so grim,

so dastardly,

So dark.

A story untold-

To brighten up your heart,

And bring joy to your soundless night.

In the past....

Those fairy tales were not so pleasant,

The pages contained darkness,

They contained droplets of crimson.

In those tales, there was the finest line of morality.

In the past,

Darkness consumed the quills.

There was almost never a happy ending,

Even in those so-called, fairy tales.

And that is why,

You need to make your own tale,

Never mind what you read,

Never mind what you see in books,

They may at times help,

But they may at times tell soft lies,

So you can only hope to dream.

Dream on,

And forget about darkness.

Dream on,

And let your fairy tale,

Have an actual happy ending.

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