Embroidery of time and life
Embroidery of time and life torn stories

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The embroidery of time.

Embroidery of time and life

The embroidery of time, Of life,

Is a mystery indeed,

It has three sections;




The first part for the brightest of colours and straight stripes, The embroidery has just been restored for you, your life has begun, Tick-tock, tick-tock, Before your life runs dry...Keep up the pace.

The second for mundane colours, and bent-crooked shapes, The embroidery is starting to unfurl- oh my, you`ve reached the middle of your life, keep up the pace!

The third holds the dullest of colours and the shapes are hardly recognisable. Oh, no-Looks like the embroidery is truly unfurling now, at such a speed as well- Be warned, it`s only got a few days left- Tick tock-Tick tock, keep up the pace!

As life wears on, so does this embroidery,

The threads will start to unfurl at the edges of the first part,

And then they will go into the middle,

Where the fabric will split.

The threads will still unfurl and move onwards to the last seam- The core of a human being is in the middle, but the last seam is the heart of the embroidery- and when it goes, well, that`s the end.

The third part starts to unfurl-

Until there is no thread left

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