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Eavesdropping, On leaves and rain.

There is the mention of an ancient writer in this

*I realise that I never even finished this- oh no!



On leaves and rain,

And fire-I will hear his pain.

Eavesdropping on the words of nature,

To hear what she and her dwellers really wish to say.

I eavesdrop in on fire`s soliloquy,

To hear what he really thinks about himself,

I hear him say, in latin`s solemn words;

"Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.it is my fault. Is it my fault, that fear in some is all that I incite? Shall I never be happy with what I am?"

I eavesdrop on a bird`s secret song;

"Oh, how I wish to be a human being,

Find someplace that I belong.....

But then again, I`ll have to fight with myself on that wish;

The sky has no barriers,

The sky is for the free,

And my heart is as free as can be.

Although the pain of loneliness still resides in me.

I shall be happy, with what and who I am,

For I do not wish to end up like my ancestor,

In Aesop`s fable of the crow and the swan."

The young bird halted, she restrained her voice and looked straight into my eyes; she had seen me. She quickly flew next to me and said;

"I can find happiness in being what I am,

And if I change so be it,

I will start all over again!"

And then she flew once more.

Night fell, and I was cold and tired from eavesdropping on conversations and so I went next to Mr.Fire once more. He almost flickered out as my hands reached out to him, He was still unsure and insecure.

And so I asked him; "Fire why are you so insecure- why so sad? I had listened to your soliloquy, and I thus know how you feel. Do know that destruction is not all you bring!"

"Remember the man, that brought you into our world? Remember the life, that you brought? Some will fear you, some will love you- "

"What we do whilst alive, is our choice, and our choice alone. You want to run rampant go ahead- you want to bring life, do it! The second one is much more difficult than the first, for destroying is much easier than creating, but I can see that you`re trying, and I really appreciate you for it....not every flicker of flame is the same, don`t give in to that notion."

And with that- he slowly begins to give in- slowly letting his warmth go up onto my palms, and then my arms.

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