A vision of Sunlight, and a vision of Moonlight.
A vision of Sunlight, and a vision of Moonlight. vision stories

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A vision of sunlight, a vision of moonlight.

A vision of Sunlight, and a vision of Moonlight.



One who is,

living in the moment,

jovial, and free

And one

Who sees everything-Never living in the present,

But always thinking ahead

A clash of visions,

Which one do I choose to see?

A vision

Of happiness and jovial days,

A vision of utter sadness and despair

I see a vision,

Of children

Playing in the park,

But I also see,

A vision

Where everything turns dark

Age sets in their soul,

not their body- well not completely.

They have grown up, they do not see the world with joy anymore.

In the vision, they are not playing,

They are working,

Until late hours,

And afterwards, going straight to bed

Only to wake up again,

Happy to just be working all day

A Routine.

I only see them, work the day away.

Everything....is so dark.

Their life is stark.

I say to myself that I must not focus,

On the vision of moonlight that I see before me.

For now,

I must only focus on the vision of sunlight,

That vision that is showing me only jovial faces,

As they play in the verdant park.

I will not focus,

On the moonlight`s vision

She who sees everything,

And makes us see everything in turn,

No, I will look up at the blinding light of the sun

The vision of sunlight,

So I do not see,

The future,

That I only see

The present.

I will see the vision of sunlight,

both for those children that are playing so freely in the park,

In that vision that is not bleak,

And for me,

So that my life, may not turn stark and cold

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