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Play mate childhood-possession stories

cenaI'm too bland for a description.
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Play mate

As my play mate you were:

A crybaby

A bit silly


And always laughing

"Heeeey, let's play !"

And I would come running to you

Though we both haven't even bathed yet

You used to run so slow

Yet you find ways to trip over nothing

You always cry when you're not given anything

But you stop when give candy

Oh hey, that explains the jar of candy at your place

Playing house, I always get dragged around

Because if I don't you would be crying your eyes out

And I wanted to alwaya keep the candy my mom gave me every time

I always play the father and you play the mom

Eating, going to work, chores, sleeping: that was about it actually, nothing much

And then one time you told me about this thing you saw on TV

You saw a man and a woman, touchin lips and sharing saliva

Then you force me to do it

Oh shit, I was so reckless when I was a kid

And we kissed

"Hey, I like you."

Seven year old me to seven year old you

"Yeah, me too"

After that, we alwaya kissed all the time while playing house until we were ten

And shit I reaaaaally started to like you by that time

But one day your house waa empty

You transfered schools

You left me

And now here I am fifteen years later

Smoking my 57th cigarette of my life

In a park filled with the sound of silence


Then you come out fifteen years later

Where have you been

You look different, but I felt that it was you the moment you kissed me again

It was the only warmth I could remember

"Missed me?"

Good thing I held on to something I couldn't see

"I love you" I said " From thirty year old me to thirty year old you"

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