Are you lost?

celinagersbyadcIt's all about expressing oneself.
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Are you lost?


to be found?

But the reality of it is, that no one can find you.

No one can find you - besides you, yourself.

YOU are the only one who can truly find and discover yourself.

You have to dive into the endless ocean of

self-discovery .

Enjoy. The compass is pointing

towards your true inner Home. It's beautiful here.

It's here you can truly find yourself.

By Keep on swimming. By diving deeper. By having patience with yourself. By believing in yourself. By loving yourself.

Honor your dreams and wishes in Life.

Breathe. Take it all in. Appreciate. Love.

Then. That True magic within you - will appear.

When you are at peace within yourself. When your endless Ocean of Self-discovery is accepting, forgiving and loving. To Value yourself. To honor you.

Peace and love to you on this journey. Trust.

That you are in the process of finding yourself by creating yourself. Trust - you will overcome every wave that comes to knock you out.

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celinagersbyadcIt's all about expressing oneself.
5 months agoReply
So true! also today with the amount of pressure there's on us from society and the media - on image, how we should look like etc. pulling us towards something that is less and less ourselves. So yeah I find it so important that we are able to embrace and love ourselves. and strand strong in the true essence of our being. Good thoughts your way @michaelschulze

5 months agoReply
Learning to love yourself is one of the most important lesson you can ever learn it is something that should be taught by parents and schools but it's always the last thaught on people's minds