16 things I learned as a 16 year old
16 things I learned as a 16 year old stories

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16 things I learned as a 16 year old

by ceceliamasiofo

1// not everyone you meet in life will like you. they will judge you based on the little things like your handwriting.

2// you can't do everything by yourself. always seek support when you feel like you need it because you're never alone.

3// if you were struggling once before & made it through that rough patch, chances are you'll make it through them all.

4// high school is NOT the best 4 years of your life. unless you love drama & homework.

5// people will go to extreme lengths to make you feel bad about yourself. it's important you remember your worth

6//social media is not everything. when you have kids and grandkids, it won't matter how many followers you had or what your score was on snapchat

7// love your family. even when you want to rip your hair out. in the end, they're all you have.

8// (this is corny lol) live for the little things. you can only do so much in your lifetime. make it worth it.

9// you cannot please everyone. & you can't love anyone until you love yourself.

10// dont ever feel insecure about your looks or your body. you were made the way you are & you are beautiful.

11// you will lose friends in high school. at the end of the day, your end goal should be a stage & a diploma.

12// everyone has insecurities. dont be ashamed of yourself for having them.

13// its okay to cry sometimes, or even scream. what isn't okay is telling people you're fine when you're the exact opposite. talk it out.

14// remember that people often deserve second chances. do not hold their mistakes over their heads.

15// if talking to people about your problems doesn't seem to work for you, then write it! *this is why i joined commaful btw*

16// be kind to yourself & your body. & if you can't, please ask for help. you are loved, & someone will always help.

if anyone ever feels like they need to talk, please turn to the next page to contact me! xoxo, c.

sc// @cece_masiofo ig// @cecelia.faasala email// cecefaasala4@gmail.com

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