The Father Of Glory
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"Oh The Lord, My Shepherd! My light in the shadows of despair!

The Father Of Glory

"Oh The Lord, My Shepherd!

My light in the shadows of despair!

The illumination of thought and the beholder of tenderness!

The Fellow Mourner in my nightmares and The Comforter of my fears!

The Sword that protects me, The Shield that safeguards me!

The Father who strikes arrows with lightning from His mighty bow!

The Ancient of ALL ancient wisdom!

The Writer of My Bold Tales and The Craftsman Who reveals such masterfully written plans!

The Smith of my words, The Strength that holds the string of my bow!

Oh Heavenly Father, Thy Blessed Son was righteous in all His deeds!

Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Sacrifice is legendary and even now, we forsake it in our wretchedness!

Prosecute my accusers in deception and lead not my lips with foul words!

Oh Sovereign Lord, The Shepherd of all!

Thy sheep are lost in the mountain,

Scattered amongst vile beasts of burden!

Mindless for the flesh, the destroyer of Thy Spirit!

Safeguard what is Yours from the beginning!

Do not forsake those who are deemed blameless in Thy Eyes!

Bring forth a new son and send aberrations and abominations to the abyss of sulfur!

Oh, how gracious You are as a parent!

Protecting Thy children with the utmost jealousy!

Bring forth such wrath against our enemies after our discipline is complete!

Glory be to You, Heavenly Father Yahweh and Lord Jesus Christ!

All Glory and Honor and Praise and Worship to You,

Forever and Ever!"


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