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catwoman The old gods are dead
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My first attempt at a fairy tale


We're here..

The legendary home of the exiled warrior

The front is protected by a gate forged from centuries old steel

The back is roped off by tangles and tangles of the sharpest briar patches..long since dead

To the left you'll see a..what is that..oh yes, a brick wall. I thought for sure it was the mountains it's so tall

And here on the right we have a moat

No walls

Just a moat

Don't want to know what demons live in there

But those walls, they're crumbling down.

Look carefully

The gates foundation is being melted by..is that fire?..No, it's compliments! Amazing!

Look, look! That brick wall! It has indentations made from what could only be understanding.

The briar patches! They have flowers! They must have been watered and fed by the type of support that can bring back the dead: affection

But that moat..it looks impenetrable

Completely harmless

But impenetrable

But impenetrable Dangerous

But impenetrable Dangerous Wicked

Should we take the chance of crossing it?

What will we find behind it anyway?

Is it even worth it?

Besides..we're being watched

Those four corners of these barriers, they have watchtowers topped by fire breathing greed and flanked by sword bearing emotions

Surely they'd destroy us if we cross them

Will we risk our lives for what lies behind these barricades or retreat?

What's that?

Is it..

Oh my!

It's a boat!

It's crossing the moat!

But..oh dear..

We were right. The moat indeed wasn't defenseless at all

The boat, it's rocking. It's being attacked by slimy limbs of hate.

Long tendrils of anger

Gnashing teeth created by disgust

Halfway there..

Harpoons of betrayal

Evil creatures born from forced trials

Nearly there...

Monsters made of abuse

What's this?

The boat..it's stopped

How could it stop? It's so close! All it'd have to do is float into the golden inner gates!

It's met by the last demon.

The scariest one

The smallest and biggest, the weakest and the strongest, the most fearful, the most brave

The boat's captain is leaving his ship.

He's swimming to shore in the murky, bloody water filled with despair

He's risking himself and for what?

What does he see??

He heaves himself onto splintering dock shiny with tears

He is tired. Battle worn.

But he stands and stares around him, his mouth open in wonder at this last and final demon.

The demon is snarling, eyes lined with silver. It's running away, but throwing grenades behind it.

The brave captain deflects these last attempts at blockades and falls to his knees, head bent, doing what no human being has ever done in this situation

He is asking permission

Permission to continue into this crazy, beautiful world none have reached before.

The demon howls, resisting with each and every emotion it has

Then it sinks to its knees as the captain has

It is not surrendering. Not even close.

It's giving the captain one chance. A test with only one correct answer.

The captain lifts his head, heart in his eyes and poetry in his lips

He reaches out a hand to the demon, who shows an emotion no one knew it to possess


The captain penetrated this demon's steel walls, it's turn back signs and warnings

He crossed the emotion filled moat because he knew, with all his heart, that what was behind it all was worth it.

The man saw what no others had seen

He saved a life that day

He saved the demon from itself

And that

Is true love

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