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catwoman The old gods are dead
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Be strong

Valryian Steel

You think that I'm fragile

Like you could shatter me with a touch

Break me into pieces with your words

But let me tell you a secret:

I might seem fragile, but

I'm made from Valyrian steel

Those shards of glass

You stab at my lonely soul

Will only leave a mark

On my battered heart

Oh try me again

Hurt me one more time

My skin is see-through

I'm standing naked in front of you

Please give me some clothes

To cover my secrets

Or they will reveal

The real me

Scars all over my body

Silver linings shining

Through my kintsugi soul

I don't have a heart of gold

So don't make me mad

You'll regret pissing me off

I could destroy you

With the power of a thousand suns

I could smash you on the ground

With an iron fist

Metaphorically speaking, of course

So I might seem weak from the outside

But I've found strength in pain

And if you ever dare to hurt me again

It will be the last thing you did

And I won't even feel sorry

For stealing your last breath

With my sword down your throat

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