The Eye of Judgement
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cattemba Community member
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A short poem I wrote about popularity hierarchy based on race.

The Eye of Judgement

By Cat

The eye of judgement looking down upon me.

criticizing, judging, tormenting

Being pushed down by the foot of injustice.

Seen as unequal, different

WHY? I ask myself

Why can't we be equal?

Why must we judge our race

our wealth

or the colour of our skin.

Why must the world be so narrow and so shallow.

The questions in my head...

Why won't they stop

POUNDING! inside

I try to ignore it but I can't......

They don't stop, they don't leave my side.

Why?I ask myself

Why can't we be the same

Where did the love go

was it ever there

I ask myself again and again

but is the answer really there

Action speaks louder than words, they say

So why don't we start

Why don't we show them

and change how they think

It may not be too late.

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