My mirror vs me
My mirror vs me stories
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catsandpatron21 and spreading good vibes.
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A brief view on my struggle

My mirror vs me

by catsandpatron

Sometimes you lose grip,

For me, I lost grip with myself.

How I looked, how I felt;

I no longer felt like myself and in my eyes, I no longer looked like myself

To me, I didn't look too much like anything amazing.

Maybe it was my cheating ex, or all my shit luck, or even the lack of attention I get from my current boyfriend;

Either way, I just wasn't myself.

I'd look in the mirror and start tearing myself down. I wouldn't give myself a break. This is wrong, so is this You could change this, Boobs too small stomach too big, Scars all over.

I don't know how to escape my mind.

I never see anything good. No matter how hard I try.

Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe the next day


I will learn to be happy. I will love myself.

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