Growing up

catsandpatron21 and spreading good vibes.
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How growing up feels

Growing up

by catsandpatron

When you're little, You can't wait to grow up.

Do more things like going out with friends and staying up late and being home alone.

It all seemed so amazing how the big kids lived.

Until you become one and slowly grow older and older.

You start becoming a young adult,

You take on new responsibilities but enjoy the privileges you get with them.

But then a couple years go by, and then a couple more.

Now you're graduated and thinking of college or the future,

You begin wishing you were that kid again, yearning to grow.

All the innocence you had and how willing to learn you were. Back when you could be anything.

But you know you can never go back.

And that's painful to think about sometimes.

Man, I wish I could be a kid again.

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catsandpatron21 and spreading good vibes.
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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@michaelschulze Not me. I wouldn't go through the crap of growing up for anything. Yet to @catsandpatron you wrote beautifully I think that adulthood is tough until you get the hang of it. But what you did was open that blossom that hangs between adolescence and final maturity and expose some basic truths. Good work.

a year agoReply
I think your desire is shared by almost every adult alive nice work reminding us of our loss of innocence of the Mind