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Suffocating in a jail cell


by M

Trapped between 4 walls Suffocated Lonely Oppressed Hatred Fear Are all of what I feel

You bought me gifts To help cheer me up I liked the silver bracelets you bought for me Im sure they were expensive I loved them That was until I realized they were actually handcuffs

Im terrified I quickly look for the key To unlock me from your wrath But the key was nowhere to be found

I looked in all of your favorite places Behind your many alcoholic beverages Behind your gun collection Under your bed where your demons live The key was nowhere to be found

"Where could it be?" I thought

I came to the realization that the key is gone. You have it But no You didn't keep it anywhere I might find it It was hidden Wrapped around your neck Somewhere I'll never be able to reach

Here I am With two shiny 'bracelets' attached to my wrists Disabling me from any comfort, freedom or happiness

I will forever be trapped Until your gone...

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