Dear Father
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Just a simple poem I came up with revolving around a father-daughter relationship with a small link to the global context of scientific and technical innovation

Dear Father

by M

I was your cure You were my disease I was saving you You were killing me

I came to love you so But the end is near I have to let you go.

Just like an experiment we blew up Not sure if it was your intention to screw up

Unlike mud and water We were nothing like father and daughter

Like ammonia and bleach Your words hit me in the form of speech Replaying in my head through my ipod I knew that these weren't the words of "God"

I wont forgive nor forget I wont forgive nor forget I wont forgive nor forget

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4 months ago
Is it love?

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This is a sad yet not maudlin poem. You chose words with a definite impact. Great post!!!!!