Auntie Jean's Weakness

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Auntie Jean pops in to see the new baby

Auntie Jean's Weakness

Matt answered the door.

"Hello, dear. Can't stay - I've got a meeting. Just popped in to see the little one." Auntie Jean filled the doorway.

"I've a weakness for babies."

"We haven't seen you for a while," said Mum from the changing mat.

"I've been away, dear. A rest holiday." She dropped into a chair.

"Peter arranged it." Peter was my eldest cousin.

"Nice," said Matt. "Where?"

"I can't find the nappy's sticky bits?" said Mum.

"Is it on back-to-front?" I asked. "Tea, Auntie?"

Matt raised his glass. "Or something stronger - sherry perhaps?"

"Is that whisky? Pop a dash in my tea - for my chest, you know. "Go on... "bit more."

It was a substantial chest, after all.

The doorbell rang again.

I went to help Mum. She turned with the old nappy for disposal. "What are you doing with that bottle, Jean?"

"Jush reading the label."

Matt came in with flowers. Mum put them in water; Matt made more tea; I popped to the bathroom.

Jean declined another cup of tea, rising unsteadily. "Mush go, dear."

"Off to a meeting, then?" asked Mum.

"Dash right. Temerprance Sciety."

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