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cathercanteven No, you move.
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I'm not even a whisper in your thoughts, yet you are screaming in mine.


by cathercanteven

I always find it entertaining when I am in a place that can provide echoes.

I like to just stand there by myself and talk. And then I'd listen to the echoes.

It just satisfies me a whole lot, really.

And you know what? You're my sound.

Everything about you is music to my ears. And it's all I want to voice out —

Your brown eyes that I always get lost to,

Your laugh that makes my heart dance to the sound of it,

Your voice that soothes me and makes the monsters in my mind shut off,

Your dreams that I wish I could make all of it come true,

And everything else.

And sometimes, I find myself standing there, lost in my world, as I hear every echo of you come back to me until my ears would ring.

And there are still echoes of you living in my mind.

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