Seven Petals
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A flower for a friendship.

Seven Petals

by cathercanteven

There is a plant very unique that bloomed in the season of spring.

A flower of seven petals, each having different colors.

The petals held on with firm and might.

They had the sun, the rain, the wind, and also each other's side to survive the summer stings and autumn breeze.

At winter, a time of cold and pain, suddenly became different for all of them.

One got loose, lost, and it fell, ended up lying on the ground.

Winter passed so quick.

The other petals were still on hold, getting all the sunshine, water, amd air to get through another case of seasons.

Soon another petal arose, taking the fallen one's place.

It happened that the one on the ground was long forgotten because of the new beautiful one that came out.

And all the lonely petal did was watch its fellow ones live happily as it decays and serves as a compost so that the others will continue on.

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