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"Have you ever felt lonely?"


by cathercanteven

I remember asking you this question:

"Have you ever felt lonely?"

I was expecting you to be pessimistic and say you have been lonely all your life.

Or maybe you'd be optimistic and say you've never felt it because you've got everyone around you.

I was also expecting you to ask what got me to give you that question.

But you looked at me with your blue eyes and that split second got me captivated. Then you looked at the sky and let out a quiet sigh.

After letting the silence take its spotlight for a few seconds, you spoke up.

"We all have lonely moments." You say. "I think it's part of human nature."

"Even though you get to be the happiest person alive, you got married, led a successful life, got everything you want, and you have everyone around you,

you'll still have those moments you want to be with someone, wishing you were happier..."

Our eyes met and you gave me a sad smile.

"We all have lonely moments..."

"I just wish there was just a few of them."

And until now, I can't help but think about what you said and wish for the same thing.

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