this one's for @imaginarywriter
this one's for @imaginarywriter path stories

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Enjoy the story people who read this :) Which path would you choose?

this one's for @imaginarywriter


I walk down the wooded path. The road splits into two. I have a decision to make. Left or right? The left side, happy. Easy. Down the left path there are minor traps, heartbreak, broken bones, hurtful words, rocks throwing stones. Small petty things that try to break.

But the left path is bright, promising happiness. The colors of the path are all a bright neon hue, and it looks inviting. Afterall, what's one heartbreak, one fall. The path goes on with it's bright colors. I can't see the end.

The right path is green. Overgrown with vines, weeds, trees. Bright flowers dot the grass that has snuck into the road. Mist coats the path, making it difficult to see around you. Although it looks peaceful, with birds cry ingout melodies, the right path semms erie. Spooky. But pretty.

The birds melodies sound like warnings, but also like a cry of relief. It calls me. Baits called pain litter the path, throughout the wooded beauty. Sadness, death, depression, anxiety. But at the end it a light. A goal to work for. There is an end where it gets better, but to get there are traps.

I stand between the paths contemplating. I finally turn and walk down a path, feeling confident in my decision, but also wondering what it could've been if I had chosen the other path.

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