It WAS a normal day...
It WAS a normal day... travel stories

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Honestly to be able to visit the words we create would be amazing.

It WAS a normal day...

I sat doing homework, bored to death, answering questions about the characteristics of life, ect. 1. Must show organization 2. Reproduces 3. Reacts to environmental 4.Grows and develops and so on ad so forth when I felt my floor move.

It was very slight. I barely noticed it. I thought my mind was playing tricks on myself. I continued my work 5. Adaptation 6. Maintains homio- My floor lurched and my notebook slid off my desk. I looked up, mildly worried.

I got up and yelled down the hall to my mom, "Hey, is the floor moving for your too!?" She didnt answer. I started walking to the living room to ask her again when the floor heaved throwing me backwards onto the ground.

The hallway turned dark. The lights flickered on after about 3 minutes of darkness. I looked around. Everything looked the same. I walked to the living room. No one was there. I heard sirens outside and peeked out the door. A cop car was speeding past... After a lizard?

It clicked. I had written this story. The one about the lizard and doughnut obsessed cop. I ran out the door, hopped on my bike, and pedaled to the warehouse. I rode past a TV store, all channels flipped to the news channel talking about a jewelry store robbery.

I stopped at a warehouse and jumped off my bike and ride inside where a cop and lizard were standing. "I found you!" I yelled. They looked back, confused. "Who are you," the cop said. "Oh, I'm Cate I created you with a peice of paper and a pencil. I know everything about you."

The cop looked at me. "How old am I," he replied. "52, but you turn 53 in 7 days. Also your gonna get a dog soon. What else, oh, the doctors going to tell you to lay off the doughnuts in your appointment tomorrow." He gasped.

The lizard rose his hand. "Yes," I said. "Will I ever be caught?" he said. I shook my head. "It's felt mean to have you get caught after killing off your brother. In my defense, he was a murderer so he did deserve it, but still." The lizard looked at me.

"You did what!" I ignored him. I noticed the cop pick up his radio. "How do you know this, I'm reporting you for stalking," he yelled at me. "No, wait! I know your deepest secret... and greatest fears."

His eyes widened. "What," he whispered, barely audible. I smiled evilly. "Your scared of no--" I was cut off as the world went dark. My voice had stopped working.

After about 3 minutes the world came into color. I was sitting in a forest by a castle, that I knew was a school. Kids milled about. I looked down at my wrist where a simple silver bracelet with purple and green stones sat. I smiled. "Graywood."

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