Commaful Challenge inspired by @bruvton
Commaful Challenge inspired by @bruvton stories

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Commaful challenge from @bruvton

I had fun making this haha

Commaful Challenge inspired by @bruvton

Okay so the first one is a picture of you in a fun place. I was gonna do a picture from when I visited my aunt in Singapore... BUT all my pictures are on my CAMERA and I haven't had time to UPLOAD them onto the COMPUTER because i've been BUSY so instead here is a picture of me on my friends boat from a few years ago. 10/10 would recommend sailing. Also Singapore.

One cool fact is... I have two chickens yay! (I know I'm boring lol) Also I have an instagram account for a stuffed duck square up.

The third thing is what would you like to do in the future. My answer to that is publish a book and travel the world. Also college.

4. Tell a story in 10 words or less. The detectie laughed. He knew more than they thought.

The last one was a "shoutout" to someone else who did it and mine is @sophiarose22 called "Commaful challenge! Inspired by @bruvton" I'm stupid and can't figure out how to get the link if anyone knows tell me thanks. Please haha

Hope you enjoyed! Thank you to @bruvton for the challenge it was a lot of fun I would highly recommend it! Also I'm watching Psych right now about a person who has to act as a psychic to work detective cases would 10/10 recommend. Its really funny. Its included with Amazon prime. Have a good day! (or night)

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