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casseeeg creative director. poet.
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by casseeeg

Crack the spine If it allows the bad blood to seep Seeing the shadows trickling Extracting mistakes from the flesh wound Digging more Farther until you hit the pit A core where the fight is

Feeling my fate Fueled by your emotions to offset the hate Arguments and anger do not penetrate Masochistically try my best to sit in it Enough to one day finally find the way to affect

Instead of sliding off my skin Liquid is the only thing that seeps Lasting emotions sit in the vault Always attempting to crack the case But the key is blocked by my own brain

Defensive mechanisms from a situation I have yet to face How to forget pieces of yourself Leaving it to dust on the shelf Paying the price to short cut your life With long lasting symptoms

Not the case to raise the mind right Not the way to steer straight at night Not a solution for the people around you When the fog says "It's just you & I"

Falling for the comfort when the time in the sky reflects your insides The small shine is the only light the second piece of you says is left Staring from the bottom as black takes up sight

There's no other fear in the room Until you stare at yourself Left to see what was all along

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