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When people in a small town start to disappear, it's up to Lexa to figure out what has happened.

Small Town Experiments

It all started about a year ago. I was only 17 years old at the time. Scientists were coming from all over just to conduct tests in our small town.

Teenage Lexa didn’t think anything of it, but now I know the truth. They weren’t trying to help us like they said, they were trying to use us.

People were slowly disappearing, and they wouldn’t return. The police found no evidence that they were kidnapped or killed, they were just gone.

We all had our theories, mine was that they were taken to the lab. I didn’t know if mine was right, well, until the day I was taken. I don’t exactly remember what happened.

My friend and I were watching a movie on netflix, and next thing you know a needle was stuck in our neck and we passed out.

We woke up in cages, and we could see the experiments happening. There were hundreds of cages, I looked up, and saw a name tag with Lexa Greene on it. They have one for everyone in town.

We could hear the screams, the screams of people begging them to stop. Others were from people who were going insane trying to break free.

I was a small girl back then, people thought I was weak. A woman came to unlock my cage, I was next. She had her guard hold me, but she said I wasn’t strong enough, I am strong.

I kneed the guard and he dropped. I took out his shock wand and used it on the lady, but not before she called for backup. I unlocked Marie’s cage and we ran.

We ran and searched until we finally found a way out. The experiments were so horrible. They were taking people’s memories and then seeing if they could give them to somebody else.

It made me so mad having to watch everyday! I was there for one whole week and I went insane! I wanted to go after them, demolish all their research. GET IT TOGETHER.

You can’t risk your life when you are the only one who can stop it. Come on Lexa, think straight. You are the only one who can stop Project Exodus.

On my way out, I took the shock wand, and grabbed some other stuff from their armory. They didn’t have their guns out, they must have been some other place.

I grabbed a machete and belt, and thigh holsters for 2 knives. We jumped out of a open window, well it opened after we smashed it. Luckily it was only a one story drop.

When I hit the ground I hurt me knee, the same knee I had previously injured. It didn’t matter though. Marie and I ran until we reached the highway that goes out of town.

When we got there it was shut down. Deserted cars littered the road.

“Oh my god. Lexa look at this.” Marie calls me over with a panicked look.

I go around the next car and that’s when I know we’re screwed. There is a big pool of blood with an empty bullet casing.

“They took them by force. If they refused… They killed them.” I can barely get the words out.

Next thing I know, Marie is running down the road. I’m chasing after her until she stops in front of a red pick-up truck, her dad’s truck.

She takes the cover off the back, and all of her family’s items are revealed.

“They were trying to leave! Why?! These people are monsters! My family! They took my family!” She sobs and then falls on the ground. I sit down and hug her from behind.

“Shh, it’s okay, but you have to keep your voice down.” She looks up at me and nods.

She stands up and wipes of her jeans, and rids her face of tears. I walk around the truck and see bullet holes. I’m tracing them with my finger when I realise something.

“There’s no blood.” I whisper.

“Marie, there’s no blood!” I tell her.

“So, your point is?” she replies with sadness in her voice.

“My point is that they could have gotten away. When you look at the supplies, there is no food, water, or clothing.

Doesn’t your dad usually keep a concealed weapon in his glove compartment?” I ask.

“Yeah, he always keeps it there, why?” she asks, confusion on her face.

I open the door and pop the glove box, the gun is no where to be scene, and the ammunition box is empty.

“It’s not here, we have to-” I get cut off by the sound of a chopper coming our way. I nod to the woods, and then we run.

We kneel behind a rock and watch as the chopper lands on the road. Three men with automatic weapons step out. They begin searching the cars.

They get to a subaru about 4 cars down from the truck. When the soldiers pop the trunk, two men jump out and start to fight.

Marie goes to scream, but I cover her mouth with my hand, there is nothing we could do. Two shots go off, and both men hit the ground, dead.

They go back to the car, and that’s when I see a mother and her two children, they only look about 7-9 years old. They rip them out of the car and force them into handcuffs.

They get put onto the chopper and taken away. Two of the soldiers stayed behind, and start to walk towards us. I look at Marie and see her ready to run, she’s never been a fighter.

I silenty tell her no and get my knives out of my holsters. Whe they are about 10 feet away, I jump up on the rock, and then push off towards them.

I use the shock wand and hit both of them in one swipe. I hit them again to make sure they are knocked out. Now we have automatic weapons, ammunition, and… a map of the lab.

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