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So tired of those who play Pretend...

Play Pretend

Let’s play pretend, like when we were kids, live in a world of our own imagination.

Let’s play pretend, even though we are adults, make a world to our damnation.

We can ignore what we are daily forced to see. Pretend there is nothing wrong.

Deny what we see on the web or tv, pretend this world is going strong.

Nobody is hungry, there is no war. Violence is non-existing, I swear.

No abuse, no starvation, nobody is poor. Everything around us is fair.

Some people pretend like this all the time, and turn all in need a blind eye.

But let’s just pretend that we actually care! Open your eyes, your heart, give it a try.

No more pretending, act for a change. It’s rough to see, but it is what is real.

Pretend… no… actually BE invested! And allow yourself to feel.

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