My friend Bud, and how I learned to live with him.
My friend Bud, and how I learned to live with him. bud stories
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This guy, Bud, got me in some pain, yet...

My friend Bud, and how I learned to live with him.

Sometimes I get the question why I’m still single. That isn’t answered easy.

Part of it is because I wanted to spend my time and attention on something else. Part of it is: I didn’t find the right one yet.

Part of it has to do with my friend Bud. Bud Nuthinmoore. Let me tell you about him.

First I didn’t like him at all. Every time his name got mentioned I got sad, and it happened like this:

I got to know a girl that I liked, we became friends and in some cases I got fond of her. So I tried to turn our friendship into something more.

And that is when he showed up.

They would say something like: *Listen, I like you. You are a very good friend Bud Nuthinmoore…* And I hated him. The more I heard his name the more I hated this Bud Nuthinmoore.

He would always get in the way of my attempts to get a relationship.

But after a while I started to see him differently.

I started to listen to what came before his name. Bud Nuthinmoore was cute, a nice guy, a good friend, someone they could have a good laugh with.

Best of all, it was someone they wanted to keep close. Just not thát close.

And I learned to live with Bud.

Sure, he was the main cause of some painful moments in my life, but he also showed me what I was, what value I had other than a potential boyfriend.

I like Bud now.

I’m a happy man, being single is no curse, no shame and not something that must be changed by all means.

Who knows, perhaps someone will some day leave Bud out it. Until then I embrace the good friends he brought me.

So don’t worry about me, Bud and I are doing fine.

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