Tonight is the night.
Tonight is the night. stories

carolCommunity member
Autoplay OFF  •  7 months ago
You make my heart shake

Tonight is the night.

To show you who I am

Even though it's always hard to me

I still wanna take a chance on we

Saw you at the bar

Thought I could be breaver if I stay

But I only got fear

Because I am afraid to do something

And get the same answer

I feel so small when I see you

I can only stand behind and watch you run into some other else's arms

I should try to hold on

I should be the one to control me own life

Should stop being so weak

And now I am walking right toward you

Try to catch my breath when I get close to you

Hope you will never notice

I am almost death every time when you're by my side

Because you are the only thing that I can keep along the battle

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