Have you ever dream of any perfect stories?
Have you ever dream of any perfect stories? stories

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Have you ever dream of any perfect stories?

The stories that will make you smile while you're sleeping.

I Do.

I thought the people all around the world were all "The Same".

I thought it could be more easy for me to do something different.

I thought people were more friendly to the people that look like me then before.

I thought I can change the way they used to think about us.

I thought we were all equal.

But now the stories are finally because of some their actions end up these days.

I should never believe my own created stories

Because I know ...

Stories are Stories Real life is Real life

We could never change the way how universe works

But we can change our ideas of the people that look different

We can change our minds of the people that don't understand how people react

We can except All Kinds Of Human

No matter Genders, no matter the color of your skin, no matter your looking, no matter your sexual orientation,no matter faith, no matter grades,no matter heights,no matter language, no matter cash,no matter families

You Are Who You Are

Don't need to be afraid.

Even though the stories are unreal , you can still have faith and make the stories become truth

Be In Your Life And Make It Your Own History No Matter What. Live In It And Feel In It.

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