Why do I want to be loved?
Why do I want to be loved? stories

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I am distinctively designed to long for romantic affections and gestures from another. Why?

Why do I want to be loved?

I am distinctively designed to long for romantic affections and gestures from another.


Because there is a man, who not only loves me with burning passion, but made the most romantic gesture in all of history. I am His muse, He gives me never ending gifts, and He even sings over me.

Every desire of affection from a man is the consequence of God creating me out of radical love and then being so zealously in love with me, that he would sacrifice His Son to the point of death.

No. Death was only the ending consequence of loving me.

Loving me resulted in excruciating pain, brutal torture, mockery and complete separation from His Father God in the moment He took on my sin.

Why do I want to be married? Why do I have an instinctive desire for romance, for pursuit, and grand gesture?

Not because I am to look for another human to satisfy age old longing, but so that I can find the One whom my soul was loved by before I was even born.

The “one” the “soul mate”, they are not fictional, they are thought of because inside of our hearts is a spark, a little butterfly flutter that is telling us that there is someone to find.

We have to find Jesus.

Love will never be complete without Him. He won you, He made you, and He died for you. You can want that affection from another person but it will never fully satisfy.

Wholeness and satisfaction first comes from receiving that full love from Jesus,

and then you can possibly find another person who has fully received that love from Jesus; then you dance and share in the overflow of perfect love.

Why do I long for a handsome knight riding a white horse to sweep me off my feet, and out of trouble? Because Jesus wants me to long for Him.

Once I obtain that first love, loving a man, or a husband is not going to put a high demand on my identity and my worthiness.

I can now rest, and breathe clearly that I am not “alone” or missing some kind of satisfaction that relationship and “love” is supposed to bring me.

I will always have the love that I need, the satisfaction I need, the romantic gestures, the love letters, everything is to and from Him.

I do not hunger and thirst, for I am full. Now, any other human affection will make my cup overflow. Hallelujah.

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